Styleless, pure functional
UI components

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Industrial-ui is a fast and feature-rich library of styleless UI components with all needed logic.

Don't refactor, configure it to use with your own styles!

Step 1

Easy to get started. Just run:

$ npm install industrial-ui-vue

And install the iui-plugin

import Vue from 'vue';
import { iui } from 'industrial-ui-vue';
import config from './config';

Vue.use(iui, config);

Step 2

Configure for your styles:

const config = {
  components: {
    button: {
      class: 'iui-button',

* For more information about configuration, read documentation

Step 3

And then, use in Vue:

    <template #trigger>
      <IuiButton>Click on me</IuiButton>
    Hello, world!

  import {IuiButton, IuiDropdown}
    from 'industrial-ui-vue';
  export default {
    components: { IuiDropdown, IuiButton },